Link Building

Link Building is one of the most important factors when considering  SEO. There is no shortage of places to get links pointed at your website. The only issue is that most of these links come from pages with no PR or Page Rank. Page Rank is NOT where you place on a Google page. It is a measure of how trusted or popular a web page is. Page Rank or PR range from n/a or none up to 9. With 9 being the best. And since a link is considered a recommendation for your web site from another website Google looks at the PR of the sites that link to you. So links from pages with n/a PR do nothing for you and that’s why good links are hard to find.

So where do we find your links?

Let’s first define a good link. A good link is a link from a page that is relevant to your keyword and is a trusted site.

So where do we find them? We have our own network of satellite sites and have built solid relationships with industry leaders. We use the latest in keyword research software, article syndication(not mass submission) and web 2.0 sites to naturally build your link campaign.

The key is to actually build relationships with the authors of the pages not just spammy commenting.

This mixed with the traditional approach of directory submission and the newest trends in Social Bookmarking is what gives our link building campaigns a kick!

We have taken all steps to assure our link building campaigns are compliant with the Panda Update

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