Who We Are

Realize Marketing, LLC is dedicated to providing cost effective and cutting edge internet marketing solutions to small businesses and non-profit organizations. We research, strategize and implement on behalf of our clients in every fashion.

We know how important public relations and image are to a non-profit because we’ve worked at non-profits.

We know how important Branding and ROI are to a small business because we are a small business.

The web can be a scary place. SEO or SEM, PPC or Organic, Email Drip Campaigns or Social Media Strategies. It can get tuff to wrap your head around it all. At Realize Internet Marketing we strive to make sense of it all for our clients. Guiding them and making the right decisions on their behalf to navigate the newest and most effective tools and strategies in the industry.

By offering all of our services individually and in contracted packages we are able to tailor fit the needs of non-profits and small businesses. Everything from designing a logo and website to be the face of your organization to implementing marketing and exposure campaigns. It is our mission to give you the latest in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing,Logo Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimization and Management.

re·al·ize   [ree-uh-lahyz]

verb (used with object)

1. to grasp or understand clearly.
2. to make real; give reality to (a hope, plan, etc.).
3. to bring vividly to the mind.
4. to convert into cash or money: to realize securities.
5. to obtain as a profit or income by trade, labor, or investment.

When choosing the design of your new website, logo or marketing piece keep functionality as a priority. And don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything that we can do outside of what is featured on this site.

Welcome to Realize Internet Marketing. My name is Oliver James and I am the Director of Realize Internet Marketing. Realize is a lot more than just a design or marketing firm. We stand by our principles of Honesty, Duty, and Integrity. I guarantee that you will be satisfied or we will make it right or refund your money.

We are a group of Marketing Professionals with over 10 years experience in designing, marketing and managing successful Internet Marketing Campaigns. Most of us have a marketing and sales background.

Web-design, website development

Creating the perfect design for your website is not just flashy effects and contact forms. It’s about relating to your demographic while keeping them engaged. Now while this can be done with said flashy effects and contact forms. The key is to know what works for your market.

Web Design

Internet Marketing, SEO, Etc..

Internet Marketing encompasses all aspects of marketing your small business or non-profit online. It includes Website and Logo Design, SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and Social Media. At Realize Internet Marketing our Full Service Campaigns deliver results.

Internet Marketing

WordPress Design and Development

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. WordPress has grown into the world’s best CMS or content management system. The site you are on right now was built using WordPress. Developing your new site on WordPress comes with many advantages. We build in SEO and more.

Wordpress Development