Website Design

Creating the perfect design for your website is not just flashy effects and contact forms. It’s about relating to your demographic while keeping them engaged. Now while this can be done with said flashy effects and contact forms. The key is to know what works for your specific market.

At Realize Internet Marketing, a San Diego Web Design Company we pride ourselves in our ability to craft elegant, engaging designs that actually bring in new clients and funds. Both our Marketing and Design Teams get involved in every design we do. You will have the ability to speak with them directly through out the creation of your new design.

This unique process results in not only a beautiful design that represents your brand but also a functional and user friendly portal to your business or organization.

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Here are some golden rules when it comes to web design, especially in big cities like San Diego.

Your “Call to Action” is where you ask the website visitor to take a predetermined action to get them to do what we want on the site. i.e. Buy your product or use your contact/quote form. It’s important to keep these above the fold.
The “Fold” is the bottom of the viewable section of your website without having to scroll down. It is crucial that any calls to action or contact forms are “Above the Fold”, so that the user doesn’t miss the opportunity to convert or turn into a customer.
Everyday more and more people are turning to their hand held devices to search for products and services. You need to make sure that your site displays correctly across all the major platforms it is viewed on. That is why all of Realize’s Design Projects us a Responsive Layout that adjust to meet the requirements of any desktop, phone or tablet.

Complete with click-to-call or click-to-order technology.