Logo & Brand Development

Branding and Logo Development are often over looked. Your branding is your image. It’s how your clients and potential clients see you. It’s how looking at you(website, logo, ad, etc..) makes them feel.

A Great Logo is key to any Branding Strategy. It’s a crucial component of any Marketing Piece, especially your Website. At Realize Internet Marketing we will not only hand code the colors of your new logo to match your existing(or new by Realize) Website but we also incorporate your industry, business model and style into your new logo.

Here are some important factors when choosing and designing a Great Logo:

  1. Is it easily Recognizable?
  2. Does it match your business? i.e. a Large Corporation’s Logo will have a different feel versus a Coffee Shop’s Logo
  3. Does it tell people what you do?
  4. Does it match your Style?


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Here are some examples of our work:


as you can see even other design companies use our talented designers for their own logos

Branding Beyond the Logo

Ok, so you’ve got a great logo. Now what.  Well now you have to take all that great information you uncovered about your brand while making your logo and apply it to the rest of your company’s consumer facing image. Some companies will also have two sets of Branding. Take a market research company for example. A market research company might have one brand image showing to the people that participate in the studies and then another brand image showing to the companies that pay to have that research done on their product.

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I highly recommend you use the Realize Report tool link above to get an accurate and honest evaluation of your brand, logo, content, SEO, conversion and more.