Non Profit Marketing

Non Profit Organizations have a unique set of marketing needs and requirements.  San Diego | Non-Profit MarketingWhether you need to raise funds or awareness you need a marketing strategy that conveys your ideals. The most important consideration in a good solid marketing plan for non-profits is consistency.

At Realize Internet Marketing we strive to get our clients more exposure while raising them capital and keeping them within their budget.

Give More Without Spending More

The Internet has changed the way Socially Conscious Organizations help their communities. Social Sites like facebook and twitter have revolutionized grass roots campaigning. Small start-up Non-profits can expand their sphere of influence exponentially almost over night. With a conversion orientated Web Site supplemented by Email Marketing and a well structured and implemented Social Media Campaign you can reach new benefactors and customers and keep them engaged.

Our Non-Profit Services Include:

  • Website Design for Non-Profits
  • Branding/Logo Design for Non Profits
  • SEO for Non-Profits
  • Email Marketing for Non-Profits
  • Social Media for Non-Profits

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Some of our Non-Profit Clients include:

The Employee Rights Center

United Taxi Workers of San Diego

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)