WordPress Development

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. WordPress has grown into the world’s best CMS or content management system. The site you are on right now was built using WordPress. Developing your new site on WordPress comes with many advantages. WordPress is built using an OpenSource format. Meaning that developers from all around the world submit new coding and tools into the WordPress Framework everyday.


  • All Realize Internet Marketing WordPress Projects come with SEO Tools Built In

  • All Realize Internet Marketing WordPress Projects come with Custom Design and Content

  • All Realize Internet Marketing WordPress Projects come with Contact and Conversion Forms


With solutions for any organization. Whether it’s an e-commerce site, a site for a local business or an artists blog. Realize Internet Marketing’s experienced designers can build you a WordPress solution to handle any need.

I understand not all of you are using WordPress as the CMS for your sites. So for those of you that don’t know about WordPress here is some info and why we use it on all our clients sites.

  • It has the right structure for SEO
  • Uses Themes to easily change the layout and design of sites.
  • Uses Plugins to easily add features, design and functionality.
  • Works with any host, like Hostgator.
  • Continuously updated by a community of experts. (I’m one of those experts)

If that wasn’t enough, WordPress also has one of the easiest to manage back end admin panels. Which can save you countless hours while posting and updating your content.

What Sets Us Apart From Other WordPress Developers?

For starters we build our own themes. While other WordPress “Developers” simply charge you for installing a free or $50 theme. Realize Internet Marketing’s team of designers can develop your own custom theme to perfectly suit your business or organization.

We know the language. Our designers and developers regularly contribute to the code and support of the WordPress Core files. What this means for you is your new WordPress website will have the most updated and secure code available.